Digital Campaigns

You may have heard of digital campaigns before. It refers to the use of digital and specifically online marketing techniques and content to relate to – and communicate with – customers and potential customers. From social media, to digital ad campaigns, content campaigns, blogger outreach, data transparency and customer interaction on a base level, through comments and online forums, every aspect of business-customer interaction counts as a form of digital engagement.

While as a whole, this absolutely is nothing new, its significance in recent years has soared due to the way social networks have changed the business landscape. Communicating with customers on a one-on-one level has never been as important as it is today, and utilizing all the tools that the Internet provides is paramount to staying ahead of your competitors.

With years in public relations and digital communications management, we at Iris Public Relations are experts in the matter of digital engagement. We will help you formulate and build a strategic plan to create, maintain, and grow your customer base online, starting with proper content management and blogger outreach, and moving onwards to social network management.

What Defines Digital Engagement?

Just as the phrase “digital engagement” may confuse people with how vague it is – the meaning itself is widespread, covering several areas of communication while never being defined by just a single one.

We make it clear from day one, how we can help you utilize digital marketing tools to reach out to your customer base, cutting through the clutter with concrete step-by-step planning.

We focus on the key tenets of digital engagement: utilizing all the tools a company has at its disposal to identify, target and rally a customer base into discussing a given aspect related to your business – whether it is a product or a cause.

The exact methods involved in digital engagement vary from company to company, and that’s where we come in.

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