Choosing the right PR and Digital agency in the UAE

PR and Digital agencies in Dubai can help you achieve your communication and business goals through a carefully crafted program. But choosing the right Public Relations or Digital Agency can be difficult. Here we highlight the main factors you should consider before finalizing a Digital or PR Agency in Dubai for regional work.

  • Check the Agency’s experience in related industry sector. Ask for client references and case studies
  • Do your own diligence by checking the Agency’s social media pages to understand the kind of work they have done for clients and the type of coverage obtained
  • Find out how many repeat business the agency has had
  • Speak to journalists you know and find out how relevant are the news that the Agency churns out and how is their approach to building relations with news media
  • Ask for examples of writing work, whether its press releases or articles; and examples of digital media work and influencer relations
  • Another important question to consider is who will lead the team and what is their experience?
  • How good is the agency’s network? Even if it is a small PR & Digital agency in Dubai they may have a network of consultants across other markets. Ask for references of work done in other markets
  • Ask questions about how the agency evaluates their performance in terms of reaching target audience and media, in their work for their clients
  • Go for the agency’s experience, quality of work and agility in responding to your needs, rather than just the size of the agency.

About Iris PR Dubai

Iris Public Relations is a PR agency in Dubai, UAE, providing public relations consultancy in the Middle East
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