Power Fuelled by Art

UAE Land Art Generator Initiative is a fantastic concept that brings together artists, engineers and scientists creating an interdisciplinary approach to clean energy. Check it out on www.landartgenerator.org.... Read more...

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Building brand identity with Twitter

Twitter, the net’s networking success story, is intriguing and intimidating because of its message limitations: they can be 140 characters, and no more..... Read more...

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How to help NGOs as a writer or PR professional

What Can Writers or PR professionals Offer the NGO Community?

1. Proposals and Reports. NGOs depend upon funding to carry out their activities. Their ability to get funding is usually related to submitting articulate, succinct proposals that have carefully followed all of the guidelines required by the donor — a process also known as grant writing. Retaining funding is likewise dependent on carrying out the activities outlined in the proposal, and in describing them to the donor in timely, well-written reports..... Read more...

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Future of gold to be debated at Dubai City of Gold Conference

For the bullion market as a whole, the main challenges are to respond appropriately to the various regulatory pressures that have been generated by the financial turmoil of the past two years, comments Stewart Murray, Chief Executive of London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), who will be speaking at the 7th Dubai City of Gold Conference on May 2nd at the Almas Tower. The jewellery industry on the other hand is facing very different challenges, including possibly having to contend with a sustained period of high prices and low consumer spending on jewellery..... Read more...

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Recommendations for social media monitoring tools

Here are some recommendations for measuring the success of social media campaign through monitoring tools:.... Read more...

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Middle East Internet Usage

Middle East Internet Usage....

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Check out www.irispr.net

Check out our new website- www.irispr.net....

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Helping Haiti through Solar Power

As Haiti suffers another setback, companies are coming forward to help victims with what they are good at doing in their business. A classic example is that of SolarWorld. The company is donating solar modules to power 10 pump stations to provide clean water for up to 175,000 earthquake survivors in Haiti..... Read more...

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Public relations skills

Sometimes you see an extrovert bubbly person joining your PR agency and you assume she/he is going to do well. And then you are surprised when things don’t go that well with the person.
The truth is there are certain traits that are required to be successful in PR.More than talking, you must be willing to listen to your clients, spend time to understand their business and have a great interest in current affairs. It is about building relationships with your clients, with the media and potential clients. The art of listening is the key to any relationship.
You must have a knack for networking with the right people and above all develop a gut feeling for the right communication approach in any situation!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!.... Read more...

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