PR support to increase awareness of Epson home cinema projectors


  • Increase awareness about Epson’s home cinema projectors and leadership in imaging technology
  • To generate social media buzz around EH-TW5600 home cinema projector
  • Encourage audience to experience high-definition wide screen entertainment with Epson’s EH-TW5600 home cinema projector during trucks and containers activation in various locations in Dubai
  • Highlighting the difference between projector large screen experience and TV screens


Weave in the key messages of home cinema projectors into the Epson product activation, aimed at general public, which generally media view as a promotional strategy, rather than an editorial opportunity

Creative strategy:

-    Leverage the event to communicate the key messages around home cinema projectors

-    Invite technology and gaming bloggers to experience and share their experience with their followers

-     Use the data collected for post event story on demand for projectors in the UAE

Creative execution:

  • A pre-event press release was drafted and distributed before each campaign to create awareness around the event
  • Invited select technology and gaming bloggers to create tailored content and social media videos about their experience at the event
  • Invited media to cover the truck activation and the containers pop-up campaigns
  • Initiated a collaboration with Gulf News, the UAE’s leading English newspaper, in order to stream a live video on their Facebook page during the trucks activation campaign
  • Post event story on data collected from the surveys

The results:

Number of media and blogger attendees: 13 (8 journalists and 6 bloggers)

Number of reviews generated: 6 (Gulf News FB, Bashar Kayal, DJ Bliss, Vaibhav, IGN, and Hameed)

Total number of clippings: 28

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