We achieved EMEA entry product campaign

In this Campaign, we worked on the PR support to increase awareness of Epson home cinema projectors

A pre-event press release was drafted and distributed before each campaign to create awareness around the event, and we invited selected technology and gaming bloggers to create tailored content and social media videos about their experience at the event. Also, the media was invited to cover the truck activation and the containers pop-up campaigns. Furthermore, we initiated a collaboration with Gulf News, the UAE’s leading English newspaper, in order to stream a live video on their Facebook pages during the truck’s activation campaign.

Results were great as the number of media and blogger attendees reached 13 (8 journalists and 6 bloggers) while the number of reviews generated hit 6 (Gulf News FB, Bashar Kayal, DJ Bliss, Vaibhav, IGN, and Hameed). The total number of clippings are 28.

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