CSR Programmes

Corporate social responsibility is one of the cornerstones of a strong leadership position in the business world. While your various financial metrics and performance statistics go a long way, the real criteria against which companies are being tested today is their desire to contribute to society.

Today, it is about what a business can contribute – and how it can meet some of the biggest social challenges facing us today.

Iris Public Relations specialize in helping businesses understand the power of CSR, and harness it within their own niche. CSR programmes require strategy, proper execution – and most importantly, vision. As a boutique PR agency composed of senior level and highly-experienced staff, we work in coherence with one another to help you find your vision and put it into action.

What Makes a CSR Programme successful?

A CSR programme involves much more than simply identifying a societal ill and finding a solution. Like any business initiative, a business must put its heart into the game – and to do that, it needs to begin with a business-oriented purpose, and a clear-cut mission.

Your niche and business area will provide the basis for your programme. Alongside a business-oriented purpose, a CSR programme needs data. We help your business get in touch and form a relationship with experts and community insiders on your given problems, so you can understand the depth of information available on any given issue before formulating a plan to help tackle it.

Get in touch with us to begin building your CSR programme today.

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