Industry specific PR CAMPAIGNSs

Every industry requires a tailor-made approach and careful planning before any programmes or campaigns can be launched. At Iris Public Relations, we have worked with giants in the financial sector, technology sector, consumer products, real estate industry, health sector, food and beverage companies, jewellery industry and trade associations, among many other industries – and we know that the nuances, traditions, and sensibilities of each industry’s main demographics affect the ability to cross a technique that was successful in one industry over into another.

What Your Industry Needs

Your industry needs an expert. While retail giants need to be on good terms with their customers through digital outreach, a business-to-business financial service needs a different sort of PR mindset to best reach out to businesses in need of financial services.

As a leading PR agency in Dubai, the one thing that we think is most important is experience in your sector and that is what we can provide.

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