Building Your Relationship with Your Suppliers

The way you communicate with your suppliers and external agencies like Advertising and PR agencies, tell a lot about your company and its values. Every company should have a strategy and training programme in place to ensure communication with their suppliers is at all times respectful. All conflicts should be resolved without resorting to personal accusations and rude behaviour. PR is not just about getting coverage in the media, it also extends to your relationships with everyone who comes in contact with your brand. Your employees should not think that because they oversee the contractual terms with suppliers, they are in the dominant position and can exploit it with unreasonable demands and rude behavior.

This why suppliers are important to your business:
1. They deliver quality work which reflects on your brand and generates brand loyalty and new business
2. They are influential people in their own industries and can be your brand ambassador
3. They can give you a competitive edge by preferential rates and better quality work
4. Suppliers can make major contribution to innovation in your company through their creative ideas
5. If you are a considerate and loyal customer, the supplier may help you with better credit terms and even recommend you to potential customers.

Bottom line is it pays to be polite, honest and considerate towards others at all times!

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