IRIS PR Supports Village Capital’s Finance Forward MENA 2019

Fintech is a growing industry in the region, with Dubai as the Fintech hub. There is a growing Fintech entrepreneur eco system that covers various financial technology activities such as mobile, online and wallet-payment solutions; lending including crowdfunding, and loan comparison platforms; bill payments; international money transfers; wealth management; and block-chain based services.
Recently Village Capital and MetLife Foundation selected eleven early-stage ventures operating in MENA including Finllect from UAE for the ‘Finance Forward: Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 2019’ accelerator programme.
We were proud to support them through a sustained PR and media relations programme and media interactions in Amman where the cohorts met for the final leg of the programme.
The program was held in partnership with MetLife Foundation, an advisory board of MENA-based investors and experts, and local partners including Beyond Capital and Endeavor Jordan.
Two fintech startups, Solfeh (from Jordan) and Kaoun (from Tunisia), will share $50,000 in grant capital provided by MetLife Foundation after being selected by their peers through a process known as “peer selected investment.”
Solfeh is a Jordanian micro-lending platform, providing same-day emergency cash advancements to salaried employees.
Kaoun enables unbanked and underbanked individuals and businesses access to financial services through identification, payment and credit solutions and is based in Tunisia.
Here is a slideshow of the programme and key pieces of coverage we obtained for our client. If you are looking for a PR agency in Dubai with experience in the Fintech industry, write to us at

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