Key Signs your PR Strategy is Working

PR plays a great role in promoting a brand. Right from understanding client brief and targeting the right publications to deciding on the key performance metrics, a good PR strategy requires a lot of planning and brainstorming. If you are a PR agency in Dubai or a corporate communications professional, you must have heard this common question before- how do I know that a particular strategy is working? How do I know my return on investment?

Receiving payment from the client is one thing, but how do you know that you are relating to the public? Well, look for the signs mentioned below:

 1. Return of Investment (RoI)

You need to know if your PR campaign is propelling the growth of the client’s business. A simple customer survey can help companies to assess where they are getting their information from. As a PR agency in Dubai dealing with key technology and consumer clients across the Middle East, we often get enquiries from potential customers of our clients asking for product details. Often they have found our contact details at the bottom of a press release posted on a news website or they call up a newspaper that has published the news and get our contacts. It shows the PR activities are working and reaching the right people. Moreover, it is inducing a call to action!

 2. Mentioned alongside competitors

If you are able to get your client mentioned in an industry story which talks about major players in a particular business domain, this also speaks volumes about the success of your PR strategy. This is especially significant if your client is a new entrant in the industry. Getting their name mentioned with existing industry players means that PR is helping them to gain a position in the market.

 4. Journalists call you often

Getting calls from journalists for your client’s input for industry stories or exclusive interviews is another true marker of the effectiveness of any PR strategy. If you have managed to make the once obscure brand among the top-of-the-mind brands, the struggle of requesting media-persons to include your client/brand will go down to a great extent.

 4. Crisis Communication

If your client has the right answers during a time of crisis; it is a sign that your crisis strategy is in place. Since you know the product or a service thoroughly, you can prepare a befitting reply to any negative comment from media or social media channels.

 5. Increase in web-searches

Many public relations companies in Dubai integrate social media with PR. Even if that’s not the case, an efficacious PR strategy may indirectly lead to an increase in social searches. It is simple. Somebody read about your product in a news story. He or she found it useful or interesting and looked for it online.

 Do you think you can add to this list? Comment in the section below.

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