Our PR & Digital Executive, Yasmeen Howeidy, narrates her experience of working in Dubai PR industry

My experience working in a Dubai PR and Digital Agency

When I was younger, I would always tell my parents that when I grow up I want to become a journalist, but by chance I encountered the world of PR & Digital media as a university student, specializing in Mass Communications. Soon my interest was piqued because to me it seemed like PR offered a combination of the world of journalism and marketing and the more I delved into it, the more interesting it sounded. After completing my course, I worked in a Digital firm but I used to hear a lot about public relations from friends of mine who were working in PR agencies and it sounded very interesting to me.I decided to approach PR agencies and got through an interview with Iris PR agency in Dubai.
To me, PR is one the most entertaining parts of all media related jobs. You can say PR is very similar to makeup. One uses actual make up to look flawless, companies use PR agencies as their makeup, this way the company is shown to the world in a positive light.
My work, when I started was daunting, because I did not have a lot of practice in media relations or client relations. My manager put me through a very gruelling training programme which helped me to get an orientation into all aspects of PR while also further developing my digital and creative content production skills. What was even more important was honing my relationship building skills and learning to build better relations with clients and media.
I also understood that I needed to expand my general knowledge as I was dealing with clients from different industry sectors and I needed to have a sound understanding of their business and their competitors, to develop meaningful PR and Digital content plans.
What I like the most about working in a PR agency is that there is never a dull moment, from attending events to writing and pitching a story to meeting new clients, influencers and journalists; I am always on the move! And the most satisfying part of the job is when I get to see my clients featured in major publications or their products reviewed by key journalists or bloggers. I feel that I have made a difference to a company’s growth and reputation which in turn positively affects their bottom line and creates more employment opportunities as the businesses expand.
My advise to those who want to enter this field is to read a lot, be curious, develop your writing skills and learn how to deal with people and difficult situations.

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