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The growth of the PR industry in Dubai in the last ten years has been very strong with numerous new agencies being established every quarter by enthusiastic Public Relations professionals. Some establish roots while others close shop as their owners, mostly expatriates, relocate to greener pastures.

And how has this growth contributed to the evolution of the regional PR industry?

There is a general consensus among companies that it is better to recruit a PR agency in Dubai and let them oversee the communications process in the entire Middle East region. This is because of the concentration of the best talent in Dubai. Most agencies who may have offices or affiliates in the region still make the strategic plans from Dubai.

And then there is of course the spillover effect. Most people in the region travel to Dubai frequently which makes it strategic for brands to have visibility in the UAE. This will help them as they expand into other markets as the general awareness would already be established by then.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that every new announcement needs to be localized for each GCC market. This is something international companies have difficulty grasping. They look at GCC and Levant as one market and think that a press release issued in Dubai can be duplicated in other markets and it will generate the same response. This does not work. It is important to identify a local angle for all your stories to ensure maximum interest across markets.

As Dubai continues its preparations for Expo 2020, we expect the regional PR and media landscape to evolve further.

About Iris PR Dubai

Iris Public Relations is a PR agency in Dubai, UAE, providing public relations consultancy in the Middle East
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