PR Positioning Strategies

If you thought PR was a cakewalk; think again. In Alice in Wonderland, when Alice asked the Cheshire Cat to help her find her way, it replied, “If you don’t care where you’re going, it does not make any difference which path you take”. The same applies for organizations engaging in PR without a pre-framed positioning strategy.

PR helps businesses be heard and seen in a market that is already overcrowded and overflowing with options. Here are a few PR positioning strategy angles:

v  Niche Positioning: Works best when a product or service caters to a unique need of the customer or to a small section (niche) section of the market. Through niche positioning you are stressing why your audience needs to pay attention to your products.

v  David vs. Goliath: ‘Repositioning competition without explicit mentions’ is the idea behind this positioning strategy. What can you do that can provide your audience a better experience?

v  Personal Profiling: Organizations headed by individuals can benefit through this positioning as it will help audiences identify the businesses through a face, thus humanizing and attributing more relativity to it.

v  Reinvention: Reinvention is by far the best means to keep your business flourishing through difficult times. It helps create new bell curve even if the current business has passed its maturity stage.

v  Customer service: You can always bank on the customer-centric positioning strategy. Here, it is all about customer service. While others may be winning strategies this one is a timeless strategy.

Feel your business does not fit into any of the above? Well, PR positioning strategies can also be framed by answering basic questions like who you are, what is your business all about, who are your products aimed at, what are the current market needs, who are your competitors, what makes you different from the rest, the uniqueness of your product or service and the one think that you want your target audience to distinguish you by.

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