What new skills should PR hopefuls have?

In the changing world of communications- thanks to social media- a pertinent question arises as to what are the qualifications to look for when hiring new PR practitioners. Recent studies show that there is an increasing emphasis on social media skills. This also extends to a broader understanding of marketing communications as social media is integrated into various functions including sales, customer service, marketing etc. Oodles of creativity, marketing, website designing and SEO experience are a plus point for prospective PR candidates, especially those who have a passion for .

Basic Digital skills a PR pro should have are:

1. Analytical ability and knowledge of media monitoring tools to capture what is being said on twitter, facebook etc

2. Creative ways to create a community online, not just a group to post client news. Interactive competitions, games and polls are part of the game

3. Steer away from just content to visuals, videos and podcasts and have an understanding how the audio visual medium influences brand perceptions

4. A basic knowledge of SEO – how to optimize images, videos, keywords and text so that the brand has a higher chance of turning up in searches

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  1. Keep up the good work, thanks!

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