When is it necessary to host a press conference?

Not every news announcement needs to be disseminated through a press conference. Especially in a busy city like Dubai, PR agencies have a tough time getting media to attend a press event when there are many events happening around town at the same time. So sometimes it becomes imperative to look at other means of reaching the media in a more effective manner. How does a company decide if it needs to opt for a press conference or not?

Considering the media is super busy, it may be difficult to attract major media attention to a press conference unless the company has a truly unique or newsworthy announcement to share. A press conference is usually led by the company’s executive management so it takes up their valuable time and this need to be considered as well.

Of course by hosting a special press event, the company has more chances to get its story out there in the most elaborate way possible as press conference give the media and the company executives a chance to discuss all the details and perspectives. It is also an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the media. However, if the announcement is not newsworthy enough, it leads to the journalists wasting their precious time attending an event that could have been better explained through a press release, video-release or through a phone or email interview.

However, press conferences if held for the right reason, can help companies to gain favorable media exposure and greater brand recognition and authority at a much lower cost than would be required for a widespread advertising campaign.

All facts need to be considered before embarking on the decision to host a press event. A PR agency can effectively guide a company through this process.

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