We strive to provide the best public relations services to your complete satisfaction. As a PR agency in Dubai, we are centrally located to meet your public relations needs in the Middle East.

Strategic PR counsel

Strategic PR CounselWe are your communications advisors and in this capacity we work with you on a daily basis to ensure consistency in messaging, promote stakeholder relations and prepare senior management for various communication situations...Read More


Media relations

Media RelationsWe take care of building long term relations with your target media to increase visibility for your company...Read More


Social media campaigns

Social Media CampaignsWe have a passion for social media which is a direct and cost effective means to reach your customers. We can create and implement creative social media campaigns to create a buzz in the online community for your products and services...Read More


Editorial support

Editorial Support

We provide editorial support for all your communication with the media. This includes writing of newsworthy press releases, columns and articles to communicate your key messages...Read More


Dubai Content Agency

Dubai Content AgencyWe provide professional research based Arabic and English content for newsletters, brochures, presentations, blogs, corporate videos and websites...Read More

Media training

Media TrainingJust as media relations is an important aspect of public relations, it is equally important that company spokespeople are trained to handle media interactions. Our intensive media training programme provides theoretical and practical knowledge in facing media confidently...

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CSR programmes

CSR Programmes

Consumers are skeptical of corporations that do not support the community they operate in. CSR programmes help to build goodwill and can be very fulfilling; it is about giving back to the society. We can help you to identify, create and implement CSR programmes that will make a difference...Read More




Events are an exciting and innovative way to communicate your message. Whether it is a product launch or the announcement of a new service, we can develop and implement creative events to make a powerful impact...Read More

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