Social Media Campaigns

It is without a doubt that social media is the foremost online frontier in the world of public relations – for precisely the same reason that it attracts so many people: nearly everyone is on it. Whereas individuals and friends connect with one another on a personal level through social networks, these same social networks provide an environment for word-of-mouth advertising, earned media, and viral campaigns.

There is a saying that it does not matter whether or not your business commands an online presence – someone somewhere on social media has probably already given you an informal review. It is important, today more than ever, to take control of the conversation surrounding your business and industry.

That is why building an effective and genuine social media campaign is crucial to a business’ online survival. We at Iris Public Relations are experienced in developing strategic digital campaigns.

From exercising proper online etiquette and customer care, to planning and starting outreach programs to mobilize your existing customer base and attracting new prospects, dealing with social media is akin to dealing with a community with volatile growth metrics – and as an agency composed of a highly-experienced staff, we know how to work with communities.

Kick starting Your Social Media Campaign

Iris Public Relations will help you to build online reputation and social media web presence to represent your brand to make it a leader in online business.

Getting a successful social media campaign off the ground is a question of understanding how to target your most successful demographic, and reach out to them with quality content – not a transparent grab for attention, but rather, an offering of actual value and information for the customer. Social media campaigns are great opportunities for businesses to show that they do care about customer relationships, more than they care about customer metrics – and caring is a quality that builds loyalty in the business world.

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