Strategic PR Agency

Strategic PR counsel and effective communications advisors are essential for your business, and here at Iris PR in Dubai, we are devoted to providing you with the best public relations services. We will advise you on your daily communications to ensure that you deliver your company’s message to your customers, prospects, stakeholders, employees and media.

Strategic PR Counsel

At Iris PR, we are passionate about advising you on your daily communications. We are your dedicated communications advisors, and we will work with you on a daily basis to promote stakeholder relations, prepare senior management for various communication situations and ensure consistency in messaging. This communications advising ensures that you are delivering a clear message to your audience, stakeholders, and employees, and presenting your brand as you would like it to be presented

We have had the opportunity to work with a number of leading brands, from public sector organizations to Fortune 500 companies, including Epson, Meltwater, ThyssenKrupp, MIT, Panasonic, Sharjah E-Govt, Hormann, REC Solar, IMD Business School and Union Bancaire Privee.

As part of IPREX, a $250 million network of communication agencies with 115 offices worldwide, we have a tremendous amount of geographic reach, allowing us to work with brands across regions.

We will establish and maintain relationships with your company’s target audience, media and opinion leaders. We will design communications campaigns, media content, prepare company personnel for press interactions, manage your websites and social media content, internal communications and event management.

Selecting the right PR agency for your company is vital to your company’s success. We look forward to discussing our experience, specialties and services with you.

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